Monday, May 3, 2010

Longworths Burger Sundays

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm walking home from Immaculata and who do I run into? Karen and our friend Steph, heading up to Longworth's to enjoy their $2 Burger Sunday! So I turn around and start walking back up the Hill.

For me the burger is all about the bun and these were toasted and wonderful. 

The deal is $2 basic burger and 50 cents for each topping. I was pretty impressed with the burger, it was juicy, tasty, and served exactly how I ordered. On Diane's newly created Burger Scale of Goodness, I'd give it a 6.5, this combines both the tastiness of the burger and the added satisfaction of paying only $3.50.

We split an order of fries, which I believe is key when ordering at restaurants. You usually get the same amount per person (or more) when ordering a side dish of fries between a group.

Large fry order! So many!

I thought I would go 'artsy' and capture the yellow in the cheese. It really doesn't do much for the burger. Believe me, this was good!

Karen and her burger!

Steph and her burger!

I recommend Longworth's Burger Sunday, but only if you can get a seat on the patio. The inside is still recovering from a long night of drinking, avoid dining in! 

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