Monday, February 22, 2010

A Saturday Morning Adventure: Findlay Market

Findlay Market.. the smells, the people.. it makes for a great Saturday morning adventure. This past Saturday my mom, Karen, and I ventured down to OTR.

First stop of course Dojo Gelato! I never know why I am surprised when I try their flavors, it always tastes exactly like what it's supposed to be! (Funny concept in America if you think about, why doesn't a strawberry jolly rancher taste like a strawberry?)  My choice this week, Pistachio and Dutch Chocolate. Little tip when you are getting Pistachio gelato, if the flavor is lime, bright, in-your-face green, chances are it's not natural. If it is light green, almost gray, you've got the good stuff! Also thanks to Dojo, for sharing a recipe with Karen, she was really grateful!

I also sampled the blue cheese and honey, and I liked it, but don't think I would be able to eat a whole cup...that's a lot of cheese!

The next part of our trip led to the meets and spices. We were educated by the Colonel and his crew about what spices to pick, and then next door, (Queen City Meats I believe?) the butchers happily educated us on how to pick a good steak! That's what I love about Findlay, they will not only sell you the food, but they will teach you about it too. And boy are they patient, sometimes I ask a lot of stupid questions!

Shout out to Mike from Mike's Meats. He hooked us up with some complementary peperoni, as well as a piece of french bread. My mom was trying to figure out how to get bread like 'Subway'. Mike happily went back to his personal pantry, gave us some bread and told us to cook it at 450 for 5 minutes and we would have 'Subway Bread'. We tried it and he was right!

Anything can happen at Findlay, like finding your true love. Karen got asked on a date from a guy who didn't even know her name, pretty bold I'd say! Too make it more romantic, it was right next to the fresh salmon, who like Karen, were staring in disbelief.  Alas, we will never know what could have been. :-) 

Finally we stopped at the produce section. This was the coolest part. Most of the vendors have been working down at Findlay Market since they were kids, and their parents owned the stand. My Grandpa (Mom's dad) owned a produce store in OTR. When my mom asked the vendors if they recognized the name, several did! They even could name the street it was on (13th and Main). I thought that was very cool, considering the store shut down in 1985.

All in all, great trip to the market. I am hoping as the weather gets warmer, I will start spending more of my grocery money there, rather than regular grocery stores.

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