Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rick Steves and Crepes (in Cincinnati, not France)

Rick Steves spoke at the Cincinnati Library on Saturday. It wasn't too publicized, so I thought it would be me, several others and Rick having a nice chat about Europe. Turned out to be me, several hundred others, and Rick chatting it up about Europe. I couldn't believe how many people showed up, all ages! I think the library stated it was one of their biggest attendances ever!

Rick has so many great resources for Americans traveling to Europe, whether is be his books, podcasts, or website. He definitely inspires me to travel, and travel adventurously!

After the speech was over, we stopped by It's Just Crepes. I had been wanting to go here for awhile and was excited that we had run into the location. I ordered the Southwest Crepe. It was gooey, spicy, and messy! While my roommates had gotten some dessert Crepes, that were just as tasty.

I would recommend It's Just Crepes, as an alternative to Chipotle, as there are many varieties. I also would advise eating the crepe the way they give it to you, not 'pizza style'. I learned the hard way...

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